How to Tackle Your Dreams

Friends, my third book is out! It is called How to Tackle Your Dreams, and it’s the story of Homer, who was a bit of a jerkjack in Movie, a bit less annoying in Soundtrack, and is here as a full complete person in his own book. His mum’s just been drafted into the AFLW (awesome!) and his dad’s just moved to Perth (awful!) and there’s a lot going on, really. He’s always been a Footy Kid but maybe he’s discovering some new interests and maybe it’s hard to get anyone interested when everyone’s just talking about his mum all the time? If only there was some way to make heaps of money and go visit his dad in Perth…? Gosh, I hope it doesn’t all go wrong for him (of course it does, it’s a book, nothing ever goes smoothly in those!)

Anyway it came out in May and I am very pleased with it! Homer is obviously now a real person in my mind, and I hope he is real to the readers too.

I am working on a book for older kids about my trip to Christmas Island at Easter 2021. It is a bit spooky and a bit emotional but also there are jokes.

Now I have three books out and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with myself. How to Make a Movie in 12 Days and How to Write the Soundtrack to Your Life are coming out in North America early 2023 and I am very pumped! I am looking forward to editing ‘footpath’ to ‘sidewalk’ and similar things. Knowing a whole other continent of people are able to access my books is a real joy. Obviously I hope that Robert Rodriguez, who directed Spy Kids, will find them casually in his local bookshop and make them into movies. Fingers realistically crossed!

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